Jesper Bram, born 1973, have been part of many different businesses, start-ups, and projects since the mid nineties. Most with a creative and online related aspect.

Bram is a tech product creation wizard. With more than 20 years of experience in creating products that make people feel good, instead of overwhelmed and stupid (like most tech products).

Currently Jesper is using his skills to run several online learning programs that help others rediscover their passion for drawing.

“Running an e-learning, or information product business is a lot of fun. There’s a huge amount of choices on what tech to setup. So I get to use everything I know, and learn a lot that I don’t know”

Jesper prefers this type of business because it allows him to create awesome products that spreads a bit of happiness on the planet by just using a laptop, his smartphone, and an internet connection.

“No client approval needed. No asking a boss. No big organisation to turn around…an most important No alarm clock every morning. It’s the perfect business model for any creative maniac”

(Disclaimer! Jesper has two small kids. So even if he did have to use an alarm clock. The kids would wake him up before the alarm anyway. But it’s the idea that counts…)

A radically different approach on how to learn drawing

Jesper’s courses and workshops is an opposite to the academic classic way of learning to draw, that have lead most people to give up.

“A lot of us had a great time drawing as kids. But when we got older we experience disapproval and a lot of rules on how to draw correctly. That was a huge mistake by our art teachers in school. Drawing like they did in ancient Grease, is very far from the only way to draw”

Jesper Bram believes everyone can draw, and there’s no such thing as a God-given-talent.

“Talent is just people’s excuse for not starting to draw. Because they’ve been lead to believe that drawing is about who can make stuff look most real. That’s just wrong

Drawing is about having fun creating. Anyone can do it. Not only some special elite who all draw things the exact same way.

I’ve wowed to help 10.000 people start a drawing habit of their own. It’s way easier than most people imagine, and it does wonders for your happiness, stress-level, and confidence.