Some people say you can’t live a life doing only what you like.
I say let’s try…

A collection of resources to help you create your life of doing what you love

I am Jesper Bram, a Danish artist and creative entrepreneur. Since the mid 90’s I’ve worked on many different projects in the online space.

Agency work, e-commerce, blogging, software production, film making, freelancing, consulting, speaking, teaching and probably more I forgot.

I strongly believe that the fulfilling creative life we seek is tied up around connecting with others like us through the Internet. That haven’t changed since I put my first animated GIF online back in 1996.

(I never imagined GIF’s would come back big time 20 years later. But that’s just one of the things I love about the online space)

In 2017 I returned to the online space, after a few years more or less offline dedicated to learn tattooing.

(Yes I run the coolest little private tattoo studio in the heart of Copenhagen. Customers from all over the world come there to get tattooed. But that’s not what this is about.)

After years of procrastination, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and all the crap that usually holds us back. I launched my first online membership/course product. With huge success.

This blog is about the creative entrepreneur part of my life, my discoveries, failures, lessons learned, and ALL the bits an bobs of technology that you can get totally lost in figuring out. Maybe I can help guide you through that jungle.

You will want to head on over to the BLOG to see the good stuff.

Disclaimer! If the life you dream of does not involve any kind of online activity at all. You probably won’t find much of use here.