Hey! you have reached the about website of Danish Creative Entrepreneur Jesper Bram. – I’m really good at getting stuff online, and have done it since they invented the Internet. (not even kidding) I’ve worked on projects that made millions, and projects that didn’t.


Here’s what I’m currently working on:

Online Change Makers

Helping Ambitious Creators Launch Online Information Products.

In 2020 I started helping other business owners launch their online information products. We have had great success right out of the gate. And more people was asking about it, so I created Online Change Makers.

Successfully launching your first online course, workshop, or mastermind can be pretty tricky. You can easily get the information on how. But when adapting it to your own world, it makes a huge difference to have someone on your side with experience.

My team and I help creators grow their business online by launching online training products. It can be courses, workshops, training, memberships, retreats, challenges, bootcamps, or a combination.


Here’s some of the things I have previously worked on:

Lowbrow Empire

Lowbrow Empire – Rediscover the fun in drawing like when you where a kid

Lowbrow Empire is currently on a break because I’m busy helping other creators launch their online training products in Online Change Makers (see above).

I believe Lowbrow Art is the art of the people. Everyone should have a chance to play. Even if you have a busy life with work, family and other obligations.

At Lowbrow Empire, we do a bunch of cool stuff like this:

The 5 minute fink challenge on Instagram. Where everyone draws what ever weird stuff they want for 5 minutes everyday and post it using the hashtag #5minfink(Currently there’s almost 9000 drawings posted.)

We organise Art Shows and Events. It started in 2017 with a charity art show. In 2018 we did a collab Kustom Kulture Art Show. In 2019 we are did Summer Camp in Hell

Online Courses and Live Workshops.
The traditional academic way of learning to draw is mind-blowingly boring, and far from the only way to learn, like most people think.

In collaboration with other artist I created a bunch of courses, that help others rediscover drawing in a fun and easy way. See list of available courses here

You can find more about Lowbrow Empire at
and on Facebook and on

Lowbrow Art Academy

Lowbrow Art Academy was the inner circle of Lowbrow Empire. A membership for those who wanted first and often exclusive access to everything we did.

It’s a tight community with artists of every skill level from all over. We have a common wish to level up our drawing skills, and everyone shares what they know, to help each other grow.

Members have direct access to the instructors, and each month we learn drawing with a new guest artist.

Many Lowbrow Art Academy alumni have been featured in magazines and books. Some have started part-time or full time artist careers.

We pride ourselves in helping each other out with what ever issue may come up, on our journey as artists.

Lowbrow Art Academy opens up for new members once a year. You can see more on

Lowbrow Tattoo Copenhagen

Lowbrow Tattoo Copenhagen is my private tattoo studio in Copenhagen. (Currently closed until further notice because of Covid19).

Tattoos have been a passion for me since I was a kid. Got my first tattoo by Danish Tattoo Legend Tato-Svend at the age of 17.

My customers are people who want custom designed color tattoos that are a little bit different than what you see everywhere else.

They come to me because they want an artist to help with their idea. Not someone who just blasts on whatever image they bring.

The studio is part of the showroom for the Scandinavian branch of Dickies. Probably the coolest basement in Copenhagen.

Flake & Flames – The Kustom Kulture Documentary

Official Poster for Flake & Flames – The Kustom Kulture Documentary

Shortly after I left the online start-up and marketing world in 2009, I started the Flake & Flames film project with the German Photographer Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau.

My role was producer and co-director. It was an insane trip. I had no idea what I was getting into. None of us had made film before.

It was in the early days of crowdfunding. We did some seriously awesome campaigns on IndieGoGo to fund making the film.

The film came out in 2013 on DVD and digital. The premiere night in Long Beach, LA, California still ranks as one of the best nights of my life.

Flake & Flames Openning premiere Long Beach, Socal, USA

For a couple of years the film toured various festivals and events around the world from Indonesia across Europe to USA.

It was even in-flight entertainment for Singapore Airlines at one point.

The film ended up inspiring people all over the world to start doing what they love. That was probably my biggest take-away from the project. It helped shape the life I have lived since.

More about Flake & Flames:
IMDB (Score: 8.8)

My old pinstriping website

When I left my career in Advertising and IT the first thing I started was a company that offered pinstriping and custom paint services to owners and builders of custom cars and motorcycles.

I traveled all over to take lessons with the pinstriping masters. Pekka Wizzz, Herb Martinez, Craig Fraiser and many more.

For about 10 years I pinstriped and painted peoples stuff. I was probably the number one pinstriper in Denmark at some point.

Eventually tattooing took over and I closed down my pinstriping business. The passion for drawing was stronger than for striping.

Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog

Screenshot of Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog

I bought my first motorcycle around 2001, and more or less at the same time I started blogging about riding motorcycles.

The blog opened up a lot of doors for me. That’s how I met my friend Zack Coffman, one of the guys behind the movie Choppertown. Today Zack and his company One World Studio is in charge of distributing Flake & Flames.

The Helmet Hair blog was also my first hands-on experience with the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

Back in it’s prime I sold various forms of advertising on the blog. I wasn’t even that serious about, but still it payed for a surf trip to Bali for my wife and I, among other things.

After a few years of great fun and adventure with all kinds of motorcycles and media appearance. I settled in on a 1973 Harley Davidson, and kind of lost interest in trying new motorcycle every year.

But the blog is still around…waiting for me to pick it back up if I get the urge.

You can check it out at